Текст песни Snoop Dogg - Peaches and Cream

[Hook: Snoop Dogg] She's 'bout to go in She likes that low end Damn, her ass is so big Just keep it bumping Peaches and cream[Verse 1] She's too fly for words And where I'm at now I'm too high for birds Shorty, what you think about my return? Cause what he think about it ain't my concern I ain't come for you, I came for your misses I don't do it for the haters, I do it for the players Well okay, I do it for the riches But in the meantime and then between time Shorty right there gon' get it if she with it if she ain't And I know her partner down Cause her partner throwing shots every time I turn around And her partners bringing partners every time I come to town I'm a G6 sir, a Maybach-er You can tell the chauffeur he can park it right there And I'm a walk up to the club upstairs And When I come down he can bring it back here[Hook][Bridge: Snoop Dogg] Uh oh, there she go, that's that look all on her face Shorty dancin' like she knows she's the baddest in the place Hey, hey, I wanna get with you (Freak, don't fail me now) Hey, so what you wanna do? Got a [?] dress on, them [?] on her feet And them bottles with sparkles So the other girls can see that she's... Hey, I wanna get with you (Freak, don't fail me now) Hey, so what you wanna do?[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] I came to cut right now Big Snoop Dogg and I came to get down Yes, I'm internationally known Lethal love that make you moan and groan Burn my cash like race cars Two bad broads with the bass on I never let her go, girl that I'd wait for I seal my deal like Jay does All that and then some Pimp real for real when I win some I remember what you thinking Black shades on, drinking while you blinking Something fly, white limousine Make a clean getaway I loved your clothes when you walked on by The way you let it out[Hook] + [Bridge][Outro] Everybody in the world Here we go Fill your body With the smoke And that's the way to go[Hook] + [Bridge]
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