Текст песни Dreamtale - Destiny's chance

Anela: "Late in the night we've gathered again When the light has died we cherish the flame I don't know why I'm feeling this way But I hope you'll remember our tale today... We're here alone and alone we shall die But you know that once every man is alive And life is all one, a celestial sigh You can feel the breeze on your skin in twilight... Sing now, my friends although this is the end Who knows when we shall meet here again? Sing now, my dear as the angels appear As destiny threw us a chance to meet here... Wait that the day will push you ahead Pray that the rain will clean where we tread Now that they've gone, what could I say? They made the world what it is today Dreams of joy and sadness remain These songs and tales - they just ease the pain We contemplate the path that we take Remembering the ones who have left the world..."
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