Текст песни Blazon Stone - High Treason

He was living like a carnivore for joy of life and game He refused to be a blind machine to feed their gold plates One more victim of the greed that turns men into beast The vengeance burned inside his head, now searching for some inner peace ...a mindless fool they want him to be With an empty stare in the eyes He rather wanted to destroy their worlds and live by basic needs, He reveal the lies High treason – On your knees or die High treason – Fed up with their lies High treason – The time has come to fight High treason – A lonewolf never gives his life away He was following his path of freedom, running all alone While stinking breathers shouted at him “now get back to work!” Never would they see him more and never tame his ways He could be a waste of life or living free until the final days
Слова и текст песни Blazon Stone - High Treason принадлежит его авторам.

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